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Demolition Services

  • Any Size Structures

    We are equipped to demolish, clear and prepare land for new build with any size structures from small homes to large buildings.

  • Excavation

    Public and in some cases private utility locates need to be carried out prior to the commencement of any excavation.

  • Tree and Root Removal

    Tree and root removal  including around drainage pipes, fences, foundations and other landscaping features e.g. retaining walls.

  • Steel Cutting

    Prior to the commencement of any steel cutting project a “hot permit ticket” must be issued and in possession.

  • Waste Removal

    It is important to recycle in accordance with environmental rules and regulations.

  • Site Clearing

    A thorough cleanup of brick, concrete, asphalt, scrap metals, rubbish and other debris is carried out.

Structural Landscaping

  • Backfill and Grading

    Compact soils in accordance with specifications so that the soils can support the proposed structure.

  • Land Contouring

    Soil is moved efficiently to achieve the land contour design.

  • Compaction

    Compact soils in accordance with specifications so that the soils can support the proposed structure.

  • Rock Placement

    The safe, accurate and careful use of heavy equipment, often in restricted areas, is necessary to move and place small and large rocks.

  • Retaining Walls

    Care in construction of large and small retaining walls is necessary in order to avoid movement or settlement after construction.

  • Trenching

    Trenching shall be carried out in accordance with safety regulations.

Asbestos Test and Removal

  • Assessment

    Proper assessment of asbestos is required prior to any type of removal

  • Planning

    A well detailed plan to meet industry standards of environmental and safety factors must be completed before removal occurs

  • Removal

    Full hands on team fully trained and equipped with the right tools to do the job right

  • Transportation

    The transportation of waste asbestos requires proper classification, packaging, labeling and documentation as per industry standards

  • Disposal

    Proper disposal of removed asbestos in accordance with law requirements and environmental standards

  • Air Testing

    Air testing of asbestos is mandatory through different stages of removal.  Air monitoring occurs during abatement and through to completion. A air quality test is required.

Project Management

A project management based demolition company

With an experienced and motivated work force at your service, Zehr Demolition can obtain for you reports, permits, and inspections including compaction and testing reports for any job.

Large or small project we complete on time and on budget. A fully insured firm guaranteeing full government compliance.

soil remediation

Cleaning Soil is Our Speciality. We have the equipment to handle any size job!

Environment Commitment

Demolition should be 100% environment focused! We get the job done right!

Asbestos, Oil and Gas Tank Removals, Soil Remediation, Waste Removal, Steel Cutting, Site Clearing all need proper methods of removal to be environmentally friendly!

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We all understand cost and time business constraints. The difference with Laurie is that to complete the job to the client’s satisfaction on time and on budget he is right in there with his men often working in less than ideal conditions – cold weather and rain – for example. The work is not easy and sometimes you are dealt a setback. He has the experience to solve the problem with a sense of humour and a disposition that lightens the load. Sometimes a problem can only be solved by hard work. He just gets at it without complaint. This is hands on management and leadership. I am a satisfied client.